About Us
    We have include a little information about ourselves    
    Brief History    
      Camera One started when a group of photographers from a wide range of backgrounds decided to pool their resources in the mid 90s. The aim was to provide a versatile and unique approach to photographic services. The photographers range in age from 26 up to unmentionable old age and between them have the experience to deal with almost any photographic situation. It was around that time that digital cameras and printers were beginning to arrive from the US. We took the plunge and invested in some of the first Kodak digital cameras and printers. In those days Kodak simply converted existing Canon & Nikon bodies by adding the Kodak sensors. Resolutions were around 1 Mega pixels and IBM made tiny disc drives (Compact Flash size) for around £100 each. In fact we were one of the first companies in the UK to use digital cameras and printers when they were first introduced by KODAK. Since then technology has evolved rapidly. To keep up we invest in the latest high quality Canon and Nikon SLRs for digital as well as video work. Our printers are the latest high speed digital printers from Mitsubishi, Kodak, Sony and we are constantly looking to find better and faster machines.    
     Amongst our number are specialists in the traditional techniques of film processing and printing. We still use enlargers on the occasions when clients require the special look given by silver halide and specialist wet process prints. We can take pictures, process and print up to 5" x 4&q uot;. All of our photographers and technical backup staff, however, are equally at home with the latest digital processes and keep up with modern trends and innovations. In spite of all the new technology photography is still an art and our photographers still need and have the skills to produce the finest service whatever the challenge. Our photograhers have experience in a wide range of photographic work from School Photographs to sporting Events. Birthday Partes, Corporate events, catering for thousands of people. School Proms and of course Wedding Photography still plays a major part in our work. Bringing everything up to date - last year and this saw our expansion into the video market. We are able to provide the no how and technology to produce broadcast quality, small scale, presentations for advertisers, educationalist, promotions or even a You Tube video. This Part of the company is still evolving but we hope will make great strides this year. More details on all our services can be found as you browse through this website.    
The above is a very brief summary of our background. For more details on any aspect please contact us.
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