Film and Video
    We produce Videos in a variety of formats from Standard definition  to High Definition.  Videos can be made suitable for uploading to You Tube and other web sites.  
    What it entails       Types of Production    

Give us a brief idea of want you want to achieve with your production, the target audience, running time, genre, format etc. and we will work with you to arrive at the finished professional video. You can leave it all to us but really it is important that you are totally involved. We will give every assistance to ensure you have the best video possible. The time to produce the video depends on many factors and can only be estimated oce we have all the details.

PLANNING IS IMPORTANT. (You will need at least a basic storyboard)

  • New Product
  • School Image
  • Fashion Show
  • Health Club
  • Sports Club
  • Charity Event
  • You Tube Film
  • Drama Production
  • Documentary
  • Expose
  • In store Promotion
  • Instructional
  • Safety first
  • Music Video
Music Videos Facilities  
    There are a large number of up and coming new and talented artists out there waiting for a break. The popularity of shows like "X factor" and "Britain's got Talent" has encouraged hundred of people to have the confidence to promote their talent. A short well produced Music or Show Video can help to spread the word. Whether to be used on You Tube or made into promotional DVDs we can provide the technical backup. We are able to record up to broadcast quality without incurring the usual expense. We use a range of high quality Sony HDV video camcorders along with modern video capable SLR full frame and DX format. We are flexible enough to visit your home, factory, the local town, building site or just about anywhere we can put our equipment.
Final Product
The final footage will be need to be edited and converted into the required format.
Depending on the use we are able to provide the finished video in a variety of formats.
This can be Blu-Ray, DVD, CD-V, Flash, You Tube, etc.
In adddition we have the facilities to produce small quantities of printed discs and packaging in House.
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