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    There is an ever increasing demand for Male Models to work in the advertising, magazine, fitness and fashion industry.      
      There are a large number of openings for male models across a broad range of work. We have suggested a few opportunities on this page but they are by no means a complete list.    
    What sort of work is available?         Requirements    
    Fashion models appear in magazines/newspaper editorials and you might be chosen to be in a catwalk show.         Fashion models should be tall (5' 10"+). Unlike fitness models they should be generally slim. (muscles are not so important).    

 Catalogue models will be required to advertise and sell products by shooting a catalogue for specific companies

        Catalogue models need to have stamina and patience. They must be prepared to work long hours and be constantly changing clothes.    
    FITNESS         FITNESS    
    Male fitness models are in great demand to advertsise a large range of clothing, (swimwear, sports wear and underwear) health and fitness, life style etc.         Fitness models should be slim to medium muscular in build with well defined physiques. They should have excellent complexion. Height is not so important as in catwalk modelling.    
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